March 2, 2013

Great reminder from Helene

We have different versions of enemies, hidden, open, enemy in love or war or politics, we have serious enemies, and some enemies even some times turn to be a friend and vice versa can a friend suddenly turn to an enemy.
All arround us we are confronted with people who are enemies to other people, committing evil and backbiting eachother, it happends every day in every city, even we find ourselfs sometimes in this activity of focusing and debating on some ignorant or evil people and their ignorant or evil deeds. Blaming all misery in the world on theese people and the consequenses of their doings.

For people in a place like the blessed Syria in theese times of killing, killing, killing, the enemy seems obvious and clear, everybody cry out the name of the president and want him removed or even killed, cuz he is the open enemy.

But is it so simple now, we are asking ourself, becurse we all know somewhere that its a little naiv to think everything will be glory and shiny happiness, if just the president and his men will resign and disappear. Yes, Im confirming this, it is very naive to think so, but the question is then what will solve the problems and end the blodsheeds everywhere? Well, there is nothing in this world we can change or choose, exept the way we deal with it, our attitude and methods.

We all, every one of us cary our enemy inside us infront of us and behind us, the hidden enemy, and we all have to beat them before we can beat anything else. Instead of using energy to despair over the work of our enemies, we have to take the Prophets saaws Flag every single one of us and carry it as high as possible by our actions to honor him and his memory. I dont mean a psysical flag, but a mental flag, not by the way we look or live or dress, but how we act, not for the people, but for for the angels to see. No one can see the others flags, but when all muslims start to act as muslims, in peace and knowledge, the whole society can change from monday to tuesday.

But this will not happen as long we think the enemy is the president, or the people arround us, we all have to conquer our private enemies first, and untill we do that, we are our own enemies. If we all scoulded ourselfs as much we critisize others, or complaining, we would be more disciplined correcting our own mistakes instead of forgetting us self and fokus on other people whom we dont really deal with in our daily life. And those we deal with, we should deal with in the best manner and dont treat or think about people arround us as enemies, inspired by our politicians hate speaches and the media war propaganda.
The muslims are the loving, praying, caring and responsable people who doesnt lie, steal, drink alcohol, eat pork, speaks fitna, speaks namime, use people, cheat people for their rights, beat children, women or old, kill, rape, destroy nature, torture. And most important duty for muslims is to "Ammar bel marouf wa naher al munkar" Provide for the good and hinder the bad.

So we have to do our duty for ourself, if we want to be able to help anyone, we have to secure our own surroundings, and take responsebility around us for the people arround us. Just becurse there is evil leaders who kill innocent people, does not save the rest of us who are witnessing or surviving, its not a free passport to Paradise to see others go to Paradise.

And the highest level of knowledge is when we act upon what we know.
May Allah swt give us victory of our Big Jihad, and may His light shine in the hearts of all those who suffer and may they find strength and comfort in His names, in sha Allah.

Helene Larsen, Copenhagen 29.1.13

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