February 3, 2006

Curhat nih yeee...:)


Hey, what’s up every body???
Lot’s of things going on in my mind, yet I cannot descript it in words. If I try then the words will form very silly sentences that don’t make sense and outrageous. Fake words… beautiful and pathetic words.

Being wife and housewife...heheehehhe...its really make me wonder and missed what i did when i'm still single. ( Oh My God...vera what you said...^_* ), no ...its not true...i miss my country...i miss my family....thats the truth.

sometimes, I feel like I have been doing this for so long and sometimes i realized almost 6 months i passed it.

Wow ...its work isnt?...:)

I ever told with one of my friend in yahoo mesenger, she have been proceesing for marriage now...i hope and du'a , May Allah always guide her and will be help her in that journey..:),amiin.

I say : U know sis, when before marry i to be the one person really ...and really egois,and selfish ( maybe...i hope what my feeling not true...:D ). I am almost will be try hard to stand in my position with my argue, you know when you stand in one point, you tend to look at the three directions and think.
But know...i must learn not to be like that...cause Allah want i learn from everything i get in this life,Isnt?

The author said, when you are confused of which way to go, stand still and listen to your heart.

I like that sentence but still, can we really make a decision based on that? I doubt that. Unless you want to be called the unwise person. Or maybe we are thinking too much?

I do....
Min Skat ever said it to me that I think too much. But hey, you have to think about what will possibly happen when you take this road or that road, right?

Then He will be said : "Sayang please...already night..we sleep ok...i need enoufh for sleep..or will be so tired when work.U should also not too much thingking about this or that".

Heheheheh,yup...sorry sayang....i just sometimes not know how to make conversation just for say thank you what already u did for me ..for being my Lovly husband..try to understand,instead of me just complain and complain...hihihiih...u will be thing like that....but i will learn, i hope u forgive me...and i want to be your best thing in your life.

Thank you ...you always try and try for learn...to be my part of life...i just want to comfort and enjoy...then Pray together with you...its nice also for you yeah?..when you to be 'IMAM' in our prayer every 5 times in a day.

Sayang...May Allah bless and guide us,amiin.

sunflower in my heart

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Curhat ni yee...! ^_^